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What IS AyurvedA?

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic system for addressing mind-body balance.
Ayurveda is all about bringing the mind-body into the optimal balance and alignment for vibrant health.
This is done through knowing your DOSHA and knowing how to balance your mind-body for your particular Dosha. 
As part of our  DOSHA IN A DAY Spa Package, we will assess your Dosha
and recommend personalized remedies to help balance your mind-body!

Shirodhara - The Ultimate Ayurvedic Healing Treatment!

A Shirodhara treatment will allow the body and mind to enter into a state of total relaxation similar to deep, restorative meditation.
During Shirodhara, a continuous stream of warm medicated oil is poured over the third eye area and forehead. A Shirodhara treatment can have a profound and transformational impact on the nervous system as worries and restless thoughts float away as if on clouds.
Shirodhara may help alleviate anxiety, insomnia, stress, fatigue, hypertension and even PTSD.
An added bonus of Shirodhara is that it will help rejuvenate the face and help relax facial lines. It may even help alleviate symptoms of psychosomatic skin ailments.

Cris Turner - Doctor of Naturopathy, Licensed Esthetician and Reiki Master will perform your Dosha Assessment.

3 Doshas

Vata, Pitta, Kapha

In Ayurveda, Dosha is an excess energy that, left unchecked, might lead to dis-ease.  Knowing your dosha can help you stay balanced and healthy.



Slim and energetic.  Cold hands and feet.  Kind and flexible.  Good at multi-tasking.



Athletic, muscular build.  Good leaders.  Tenacious, competitive and goal oriented.



Soft, slow steady and stable.  Patient, empathetic and joyful. Strong bones and constitution.  Tendency to carry extra weight.

Dosha in A Day Spa Packages


Start the day with a consultation with our very own Dr. of Naturopathy who will assess your Dosha and recommend your optimum health plan.

The Dr. will recommend one exfoliating spa treatment specific for your Dosha (Salt Glow or Udwarthanam) and also one Ayurvedic Oil Treatment specific for your Dosha (Shiro Abhyangam or Pada Abhyangam or Aromatherapy Oil Body Treatment that includes a Garshana Silk Glove Exfoliation)

You have the option to choose your favorite or preferred treatment(s) from the above regardless of the recommendation.

Includes complimentary coffee/tea break.

ONLY $195


Includes both treatments from Half Day Spa Package

PLUS Facial Treatment / mini Reiki Session Combo.

PLUS Shirodhara Treatment.

Includes complimentary coffee/tea break.

PLUS complimentary Spa Lunch from our partnership local restaurant.

ONLY $350


Add for extra fee.

Subject to availability.




Himalayan Salt Room Session

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